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Rice Milling Industry generates a lot of rice husk during milling of paddy which comes from the fields. This rice husk is mostly used as a fuel in the boilers for processing of paddy. Rice husk is also used as a fuel for power generation. Rice husk ash (RHA) is about 25% by weight of rice husk when burnt in boilers. It is estimated that about 70 million tons of RHA is produced annually worldwide. This RHA is a great environmental threat causing damage to the land and the surrounding area in which it is dumped.

During milling of paddy about 78 % of weight is received as rice, broken rice and bran. Rest 22 % of the weight of paddy is received as husk. This husk is used as fuel in the rice mills to generate steam for the parboiling process. This husk contains about 75 % organic volatile matter and the balance 25 % of the weight of this husk is converted into ash during the firing process, is known as rice husk ash (RHA). This RHA in turn contains around 85 % - 90 % amorphous silica.

So for every 1000 kgs of paddy milled, about 220 kgs (22 %) of husk is produced, and when this husk is burnt in the boilers, about 55 kgs (25 %) of RHA is generated. RHA is a carbon neutral green product. Lots of ways are being thought of for disposing them by making commercial use of this RHA. RHA is a good super-pozzolan. This super-pozzolan can be used in a big way to make special concrete mixes. There is a growing demand for fine amorphous silica in the production of special cement and concrete mixes, high performance concrete, high strength, low permeability concrete, for use in bridges, marine environments, nuclear power plants etc. This market is currently filled by silica fume or micro silica.

Application & Usage

  • Green concrete
  • High performance concrete
  • Mass Concrete, Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Refractory
  • Ceramic glaze
  • Insulator
  • Roofing shingles
  • Waterproofing chemicals
  • Oil spill absorbent
  • Speciality paints
  • Flame retardants
  • Carrier for pesticides
  • Insecticides and bio fertilizers etc.

Chemical Properties

SiO2 - Silica 85 % Min
Moisture 2 % Max
Particle size 25 - 45 Micron
Colour Grey
Loss on ignition at 800°C 4 % Max
pH value 8


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