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MICA (Powder & Flakes)

A natural occurring mineral that is based on a collection of silicate minerals and composed of varying amounts of potassium, iron, aluminum, magnesium and water is Mica. It is found having thin-sheet like or plate-like structure with various composition and physical properties. Mica forms flat six-sided monoclinic crystals along with an extraordinary split in the direction of larger surfaces. This allows the mineral to be easily cleaved into optically flat films. High in silica, this stone has the extensive capacity to remain elastic and tough even at high temperatures. This helps the people to handle and work with the stone in those places with high and humid temperatures.

A superior insulator and a biaxial birefringent crystal, Mica possesses average refractive index and its visible spectrum is about 1.6. Due to this nature Mica can be used to cause a point delay between two orthogonal elements of an input linear polarization and therefore can also be used as a retardation device. However, the birefringence is not constant and because of this very reason the optical and physical thickness will vary. It has the absorption of 2 to 5% in the perceptible range. The best part is Mica can resist nearly all mediums like chemicals, acids, gasses, alkalis, and oils. Mica is a naturally occurring stone that directly applies to a set of minerals containing silica in its highest form. This mineral is mostly used in gypsum wallboard combined compound where it acts as wadding and prevents cracking.

It is used in paints as a pigment extender and also helps to brighten the tone of colored pigments in the electrical industry the same as thermal insulation, and electrical insulators in electronic equipment its shiny and glittery appearance makes it ultimate for toothpaste and cosmetics. The high thermal resistance allows it to be used as an insulator in various electronics. The highest level of silica content in it makes it the most preferred mineral to be used in various industries and also for other personal uses. It is invariably used for fillers, extenders along with providing smoother uniformity, improving workability and prevents cracking. This can be used as an insulator in home attics, concrete blocks and also poured into open top walls. It can also be added to grease to increase its durability and giving it a better surface. Mica can also be used as a soil conditioner particularly in potting soil mixes and in gardening plots.

Application & Usage

  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Plain and Reinforced Concrete
  • Mass Concrete, Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Pumpable Concrete
  • Self-compacting Concrete
  • Lining of acoustic speaker cones

  • Grades
  • Powder
  • Coarse Flakes
  • Medium Flakes
  • Fine Flakes

Chemical Properties

Mineralogy Muscovite Mica
Appearance Flexible, non-adhesive, pearly silver flakes
Specific Gravity 2.2 - 2.8
Density 270-320 Kg/m3 (0.17-0.20 gm3/cc)
pH (BS 3483) 7.5
Moisture @ 100oC Less than 0.25%
Impurities Negligible
Water Solubility (BS 1775) Virtually insoluble
Reactivity Inert. No reaction with hydrocarbons, acids, brines and water
Oil Absorption (BS 1775) 60-75 gms/oil
Effect on Mud No adverse effect on properties and components of oil or water base mud.


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