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SUHAL GROUP was founded in March 1978 The main force of Indian and global mineral and chemical traders, Suhal Group has a long standing reputation and dominant position in the industry.

We are engaged for many years in the manufacturing, import & export trade involving a variety of minerals and chemicals. Our business focuses on Cenosphere, Flyash and other construction raw materials, minerals & chemicals related to drilling & casting industries consisting of a trade chain of product resources, including bentonite powder & lumps, micro silica, quartz powder, mica flakes and powder, bauxite, ramming mass etc. For better exploring international market, we have offices in other parts of India with its Head Office in Kolkata (India).

We are an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company.

Suhal also concentrates on the construction of enterprise culture. We promote the endeavor and aggressive spirit, observe the earnest and conscientious manner, and emphasize strategic plans for long-term development. We insist on quality service to our customers with an emphasis to further optimize internal management so as to build a high-quality workgroup for better customer service, we not only keep on improving the existing business but also actively seek for new breakthroughs and further expand new channels for the future enterprise development.

With the coordination and support of all staff, partners and clients, Suhal Group holds on to the enterprise spirit of innovation, cooperation, diligence and progression and is always eager to go beyond ourselves. Looking forward to the future, Suhal will move ahead constantly along with more scientific and stable development track.

Leading Manufacturer, Importers and Exporters of Minerals and Chemicals

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